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Everyone Can Play

Creation of the Everyone Can Play guideline

Everyone Can Play’s goals and principles were defined by a review of current theory and research into playspace design, accessibility standards and universal design. A common set of principles and criteria were developed, guiding improved inclusive play opportunities in both regional and metropolitan areas.

Everyone Can Play was developed during a highly consultative process, to ensure its principles and aims could easily be applied to industry and councils for maximum influence and benefit. The Open Space team undertook extensive stakeholder engagement in the preparation of the draft guideline. Advocacy and advisory groups provided guidance and critical review of the draft guideline.

The advocacy group, consisting of nine representatives from the play industry, worked closely to guide the foundation of the guideline. It established the foundation of design principles adapted to the creation of playspaces.

An advisory group of 55 council, community and industry representatives was established to test and challenge the evolving guideline, ensuring the guideline evolved into a workable and usable document.

At key points in its development, Everyone Can Play underwent rigorous testing against example playspaces.

In 2022, the Everyone Can Play program and Guideline underwent an extensive evaluation to understand areas where improvements could made to promote inclusive play across NSW.

The results of this evaluation concluded:

  • It is estimated that the program will have added over 400,000 square metres of inclusive playspace in New South Wales.
  • Creating or upgrading inclusive playspaces improved community pride, particularly in regional areas.
  • Collaboration between the Department and councils produced better outcomes for communities.

In response to the findings, the Guideline has been updated to provide more technical support and inspiration when creating water and nature playspaces, and places that connect Country and community.

The update of Everyone Can Play guideline was informed by a series of workshops across NSW, with councils and industry representatives invited to participate and provide feedback.