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Everyone Can Play

Who is Everyone Can Play for?

It’s for children, youth and adults

Playspaces are utilised by a range of people, most notably children, adults, families and carers. Everyone Can Play helps ensure there are inclusive play opportunities for a broader range of users – differing in age, ability and culture.

It’s for communities

Playspaces exist in varied communities, with people of all ages, abilities and cultures. By improving the network of inclusive playspaces, Everyone Can Play seeks to provide the people of NSW with an opportunity to embrace the diversity within their community.

It’s for playspace professionals

Playspaces are built through collaboration from councils, developers, designers, planners and manufacturers. Everyone Can Play provides the considerations and tools required to guide the planning, design and delivery processes. Our playspaces are inspected and maintained on an ongoing basis by councils, so Everyone Can Play sets best practice recommendations for planning, evaluation and monitoring.