Can I Get There?

Can I get there?

Can I Get There? 

Having the best playspace in the world means little if the community cannot get to the space to enjoy it. Can I Get There? focuses on how the community can get to the playspace and how they move around within the space in comfort and with confidence.

Seeing New Perspectives - Meet Megan and Emily

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"Going to the playground is extremely meaningful for me, as it allows me to feel like I’m being a great parent. I’m not the parent with a disability who can’t read her daughter print books; I’m the parent who can take her to the park and race her down the slippery dip."

- Megan 

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Can I Get There? Tips for inclusive play 

Consider location, layout, adequate signage, wayfinding and accessibility to ensure everyone can find their way to, in and around the playspace. Here are some tips:

  1. You can easily navigate to, in and around the playspace in an intuitive way.
  2. There’s a gateway or sense of arrival to the playspace.
  3. There are pause points at all entries to pace introduction to the activity zones.
  4. The playspace is linked to pedestrian and cycle paths.
  5. There are toilets, food and parking amenities nearby.
  6. Information about the playspace is available before visiting.
  7. A public transport link, like a bus stop or train station, is nearby.
  8. Signage is easy to read, using simple language, graphics and high colour contrast.
  9. Access gates can be operated by an adult using a wheelchair or mobility device.
  10. No barriers, including main road crossings and kerbs, exist.

Collaroy Beach Playground, Sydney

Regional playspaces offer an opportunity to combine a variety of play adventures within a setting that is comfortable and enjoyable for a wide range of people.

Collaroy Beach Playground fulfils a number of Can I Get There? principles, with pause points, an orientation path of consistent width, entry signage and accessible parking spaces. 

Playspace Can I Get There example

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