Can I Play?

Can I play?

Can I Play? 

The play experience as a whole, including the equipment and surfacing, should enable everyone to experience a variety of challenging and engaging play opportunities in a way that suits them.

Levelling the playing field - Meet Leila and Maia

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"The right playspace means Mia can be a kid! She gains more confidence, improves her skills and gets to make new friends! With the right design, it’s a place she can be on the same level as all the other kids."

- Emily

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Can I Play? Tips for inclusive play

No two playspaces are the same and little changes can make a big difference.  Consider these tips so that everyone can play. For more information on Can I Play and other inclusive playspace principles download the Everyone Can Play Guideline. 

  1. There are a range of adaptable play opportunities for people of different sizes, abilities and ages.
  2. The basic supporting elements of the playspace (gates, furniture and pathways) are universally designed.
  3. You can personalise the playspace experience and interact with others through flexible use.
  4. There are interesting play opportunities provided for everyone.
  5. People can decide how they want to play and with who.
  6. There are informal and imaginative play opportunities that encourage creativity.
  7. Sensory focused and natural elements, like music, sand and water, are included.
  8. All playspace equipment, fall zones and surfacing complies with relevant Australian standards.
  9. There are quiet points for rest and passive interaction.
  10. Equipment is designed so adults can fit in or under.

Sydney Park Playground, Sydney

By integrating a playspace into the wider landscape of a park, playspace users can benefit from not only the challenges of play, but also the opportunities of surrounding amenities. 

Sydney Park Playground incorporates many Can I Play principles, including equipment for all abilities ages, sensory and natural elements, informal play opportunities, and multiple, challenging play opportunities for a variety of abilities. 

Image of Sydney Park, with 'Can I Play?' call outs

Download the Can I Play playspace example


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