Can I Stay?

Can I stay?

Can I Stay? 

Sufficient consideration of safety, facilities and the wider environment and landscape will ensure everyone can stay at the playspace for as long as they would like.

Rest Assured - Meet Colin and Alfie

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"I’ve just turned 71 so I want to relax, but two-year-old Alfie wants to run around, enjoy himself and make new friends. What we enjoy most is when I can join in and play alongside him."

- Colin

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Can I Stay? Tips for inclusive play

No two playspaces are the same and little changes can make a big difference.  Consider these tips to make it easier for everyone to stay at the playspace for as long as they like.  For more information on Can I Stay and other inclusive playspace principles download the Everyone Can Play guideline.

  1. The playspace is a welcoming community place that people find comfortable and secure.
  2. There is a central gathering point with seating and shade to promote social interaction and carer respite.
  3. There are multiple seating options with sufficient circulation space.
  4. There are picnic and barbeque facilities in a central location.
  5. There’s a passive lawn area for rest and quiet play.
  6. There are clear sight lines to all play equipment pieces from pathways and seating to ensure comfortable supervision. 
  7. There are sufficient boundary enclosures to provide a secure environment.
  8. Supporting amenities, like the toilet and carpark, are adequately lit.
  9. Rubbish bins can be utilised by all playspace users.
  10. There are visual links to the local context outside the playspace that contribute to the sense of play.

Westpoint Park, Port Macquarie

No two inclusive playspaces will look the same, but small inclusions can make a big difference.
Livvi’s Place caters to Can I Stay? principles through its passive lawn area, formal fence enclosure, clear sightlines for passive surveillance, and central picnic and barbeque facilities, with solid shade for protection. 

Image of Westport Park, with 'Can I Stay?' call outs

Download the Can I Stay playspace example


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