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Place & Play

By using local knowledge, materials, artists, plants, perspectives, climate, stories, and other elements to inform planning and design of inclusive playspaces, the spaces will reflect and celebrate our communities, culture, and environment. Engaging meaningfully with communities and stakeholders is vital to understanding the aspirations and needs of the people who use these spaces. Ensuring a tailored community engagement program will champion local needs and allow designers to shape playspaces to meet community needs now and into the future.

Whether honouring established connections to a place or helping to create new connections, a place-based approach to designing inclusive playspaces is vital in creating places the community will love.

Places are unique because of their location, their history or how they make us feel. They provide us with a sense of identity through stories, images, experiences and memories. Connecting with place offers our communities social, cultural and environmental benefits.

To learn more about incorporating place and play into inclusive playspaces, read the new chapter in our updated guideline. Place & Play Guideline [17MB PDF]