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Everyone Can Play

Water Play

Water play has many social and developmental benefits — helping to develop fine and gross motor skills across age ranges, coordination and problem solving skills, and providing opportunities to explore the senses. As an open ended activity, it encourages imagination and creativity. And when water play becomes a group activity, it encourages children to engage in social and cooperative play. Gentle water play is restorative, relaxing and calming.

Access to water for play varies depending on where people live, their cultural background, socioeconomic factors and ability. By incorporating water into our playspaces, everyone in our community can have the opportunity to experience the joy and benefits that water provides — regardless of age, ability, background or postcode.

Water play makes playspaces more interesting and distinctive by drawing on local stories and unique characteristics of place. When incorporated into existing site features and community stories, playspaces that reflect and celebrate our people, culture and environment can be created.

Water play is any activity that allows people to manipulate or appreciate water through actions like splashing, sprinkling, spraying, watering and more.

To learn more about incorporating water play into inclusive playspaces, read the new chapter in our updated guideline. Water Play Guideline [17MB PDF]